Experts with complementary expertise in the field of policy, quality assurance, social dimension and mental health support the implementation of the project activities.

Role in the project

  • Participate as an active member of the Transnational Steering Group

  • Provide guidance and input for the preparation of the four peer-learning Activities (PLAs); participate in the PLAs; provide input on the PLA report

  • Provide guidance and input during the different phases (desk research, focus groups, design/revision toolkit, implementation) of the development and testing of the PAGs toolkit and the mental health framework;

  • Provide guidance and input during the different phases (desk research, focus groups, design/revision web portal, implementation) of the development and testing of the ‘Web portal Scholarships’

  • Contribute activly to the dissemination and communication activities regarding the PLAR-U-PAGs project, including participation in the final dissemination conference


Ronny Bruffaerts

KU Leuven - University Psychiatric Centre - Expert PLAR-U-PAGs

Ronny Bruffaerts is full professor at the Department of Neurosciences KU Leuven and Head of the Centre for Public Health Psychiatry at University Psychiatric Centre KU Leuven (Belgium). With over 20 years of research experience in the field of mental health determinants at the level of the general and student population, he is the founder and global co-director of WHO’s World Mental Health International College Student (WHM-ICS) Initiative, which is designed to generate accurate epidemiological data on student mental health worldwide. At national and international level he is an acknowledged expert involved in various task forces and advisory committees on public (student) mental health. He is involved as an academic expert in the European PLAR-U-PAGs project.

UPC KU Leuven

The UPC KU Leuven is a university psychiatric hospital linked to UZ Leuven. Within mental healthcare, UPC KU Leuven is considered a reference centre. Not only in psychiatric care, but also as a training centre for psychiatrists, therapists and psychiatric nurses and as a scientific research centre of international repute. On the policy level UPC KU Leuven works together with other care partners for a better mental health, through more accessible, nearby and qualitative care. UPC KU Leuven achieved accreditation with Joint Commission International in 2013 and 2017. JCI sets global standards in care quality and patient safety.

Frederik De Decker

Ghent University - Expert PLAR-U-PAGs

Frederik De Decker is the Head of the International Relations Office at Ghent University, the institution he graduated from and where he started his professional career in internationalisation more than 20 years ago, triggered by his own study abroad experiences in The Netherlands and Poland. He participates regularly as an expert in international projects, mainly dealing with internationalisation, educational development, qualifications frameworks, quality assurance and inclusion. Topics he frequently addresses as an (invited) speaker at conferences and publishes regularly about. He also chairs and participates in various advisory boards regarding these themes at the Flemish level. He is involved as an expert in the European PLAR-U-PAGs project.

Ghent University

The International Relation Office is the office within the Central UGent Administration that is in charge of implementing the international policy of Ghent University. It promotes, informs, counsels and supports the Ghent University community to give shape to its international endeavours.

Howard Davies

European University Association - Expert PLAR-U-PAGs

Howard Davies is a Senior Adviser on Higher Education Policy at the European University Association (EUA). He has participated in a number of EUA projects addressing issues of mobility, inclusion, qualifications frameworks and the recognition of academic and professional qualifications. He holds a PhD from University College London and enjoyed a long career in UK higher education. He is involved as an expert in the European PLAR-U-PAGs project.

European University Association

The European University Association (EUA) represents more than 850 universities and national rectors’ conferences in 49 European countries. EUA plays a crucial role in the Bologna Process and in influencing EU policies on higher education, research and innovation. Through continuous interaction with a range of other European and international organisations, EUA ensures that the independent voice of European universities is heard.